Hi, my name is Edita Labute, I am an art teacher.
I provide one-to-one or group art classes for children. During my classes children not just try different art techniques and get to know more about the art principals or cultural background but also they always get much more for their personal development. I think that enhancing creativity is one of the most important things that helps later to succeed in life. As I have some coaching background I always try to encourage to express themselves and build better self-confidence. It is very important for all our children to grow up happy adults.


How I work with children and main aims for my classes:

  • Encourage to express themselves and to build self-confidence
  • Explore ideas and take decisions easily
  • Produce creative work
  • Go through main principles and elements of art
  • Use different techniques
  • Get know more about techniques, most famous artists and cultural and historical background of specific art form
  • Practise to present their work
  • Analyse other works and notice things what they like


work in groups (5-8, 9-12 and 5-12 years)

private art lessons



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